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Am.Can Ch. Allaruth's Charles v Sole Baye
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(Ch. Sole Baye's T. J. Esquire x Ch. Allaruth's Zephyr Too)

April 1987 to February 1998

Owned by Yvonne Phelps (Sole Baye) and bred by Ruth Ziegler (Allaruth) Charles was handled by Maripi Wooldridge to 15 Specialty Best of Breeds, 3 of which were from the American Miniature Schnauzer Club's National Specialties. Charles truly was one of the all time great dogs in the history of the breed.

멋진 녀석이죠?^^   지금은 세상에 없지만 15번의 스페셜티 bob 를 한 좋은 아이입니다..  

ㄲ ㅑ~ 애견백과에 나오는 아이네요.. 세가지 사진 모두 애견 백과에 실려 있습니다..저 사진 보고 슈나우져에 더욱 깊이 반했더랬지요^0^ 12-17  
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