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subject    Wards Creek's Flight To Wildrush(B/S) -Whitty-

Whitty is a lovely B/S female..   She has a nice coat color, Deep Chest, very strong shoulder and front..  very shorted back...  

Photo>> Her Sire: AM.CH.Wards Creek's Flying Solo ( Sire of 8 AM.CH)

Her Offsprings....

Her son, AM.CH.Wild Rush's The Return Of The King..(Baron)
Baron's first debut was 2005 Montgomery County Dog show, where he has won 6 to 9 months puppy class. And right after that, he  achieved 3 majors of less than 9 months of age..

He finished his US Championship with 4 majors...

미국으로 수출된 Cain 의 아들 Baron입니다..   데뷔무대를 세계최고의 테리어쇼인 몽고메리 카운티 독쇼에서 가졌고 마지막날 열린 AMSC Nationl Specialty 퍼피 클래스에서 위너가 되면서 최고의 puppy 로 선정되었고 이후 열린 독쇼에서 9개월도 되지 않은 나이로 메이져 스페셜티를 비롯하여 3번의 메이져 위너가 되면서 미국챔피언이 되었습니다..

Her Daughter KOR.CH.Wild Rush's Love Actually..

She was playing on the grass just after the heavy rain..  She had really really good time but after that she has to be taken to the bath directly ^^

Taken in windy day at Seosan dog show...

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